Ice Tray – 3pc 3 Cube


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These slender cubes will slide into almost any water bottle or camelback – even 16 oz with twist-off caps. Also add a unique twist to cocktails and other drinks. Set of three trays make 27 cubes at a time. For even more-slender cubes, slightly under-fill trays.

Finally an easy way to cool water bottles and sports bottles with narrow tops Each tray makes nine 3-3/4-inch long-lasting cubes that fit openings as small as 3/4″ diameter Three standard-size trays (9-3/4″ x 4-1/2″) fit in even small refrigerator freezer compartment Easy to fill – overflow channels send water to next slot for uniform cubes Easy to unload – just twist slightly to loosen cubes, freezer-safe food grade plastic; asst colors

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