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5 Curtain Tips That Will Help You When Buying New Curtains

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We’ve compiled all of our favorite curtain tactics and suggestions into one blog article today. If you’re looking for some new curtains, you’ll find something useful here!

Choose the right curtain fabric

Let’s start with one of the most significant curtain tips: curtain textiles. Consider your room and the materials you’re dealing with when selecting curtain fabrics. A dark cloth or one with a large design, whether it’s flowers or anything else, will make your space feel smaller and more confined. This might sometimes help you get the style you desire, especially if you want a warm, compact vibe.

Large prints and dark colors should be avoided for a home that feels brighter and larger. The best option is to go with light-colored textiles in basic colorways or modest unobtrusive designs. Floaty translucent fabrics like voiles, which provide additional dimension to a space without detracting from the décor, also lend itself to this atmosphere.

Fabric Choice is an important curtain tip!

Curtain Colour Focus

When it comes to creating a room’s atmosphere, color is crucial. Using your curtains to balance out the colors in your space is a great idea. If your walls are all the same color, adding different colored curtains will help to break up the monotony and offer a fresh aspect. If you want a more minimalist design, you can match your curtain to your wall perfectly. Making the curtains the same color as a few of accent elements in the room, such as a rug or pillows, is another way to connect a space together.

Press or steam the curtain

This is the simplest technique in the book, but pressing or steaming your curtains before hanging them makes a huge impact. Before you’ve even hung the curtain, the crumpled and creased fabric makes it appear old and exhausted! Take a few moments to give it a brisk press to give it a new appearance.

Create the illusion of space

Installing the curtain pole or track a few inches higher than usual is a great curtain tip because it draws the eye upward and makes the ceilings appear taller than if the curtain was installed directly above the window. Use a bit extra fabric so the drape barely brushes the floor to keep with the classic aesthetic you’re going for.

When it comes to fabric, adopting a vertically striped pattern helps to make the ceiling appear taller by drawing the viewer’s attention up the curtain!

Vertical stripes often help to create the allusion of more space in a room

Weighted Bottoms

When selecting relatively lightweight fabric for your curtains, it’s not uncommon for them to drape awkwardly once hanging. This issue has a quick remedy! Put some weights in the hem of the curtain to help it hang straight and drape elegantly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article; maybe, some of these pointers were helpful in your window-furnishing adventure!

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